From within your website's control panel, click [Testimonials] and you will be taken to the Testimonials page.

Once inside the Testimonials page you can Add, Delete or Update your client testimonials. 

  • To Add a New Testimonial
    • Click the [+ NEW] button which takes you to the Add New Testimonial page
    • Fill in the Customer field (up to 40 characters)
    • Fill in the Testimonial field (up to 450 characters)
    • Click the [SAVE AND PUBLISH] button and the testimonial is immediately viewable on your website

  • To Update or Delete a Testimonial
    • Click the [DETAILS] button of the testimonial you want to edit or delete
    • To edit, make the desired changes and then click [SAVE AND PUBLISH]
    • To delete the testimonial, simply click the [DELETE] button