To map ("point") your personal domain name to your newly created website on, you need to first have your domain registered with a service like or Having your own domain allows your website visitors to load your LTCi website with a unique website address that's specific only to you. 

For example, Steven Miller signed up on to create a new LTCi website. When signing up he chose the username of steven and after he created his website, he can access it at: But, Steven wants to use his personal domain name ( to link to his newly created website. To do this, he has to follow these steps:

  1. Login to his domain registrar (in this case
  2. Open the domain's DNS settings for in GoDaddy
  3. Add a new CNAME record in the Zone Records File for this domain name. Use the following information to create the CNAME record:
  • Host: www
  • Points to:
    • Note that you must point your domain name to your temporary website link i.e.
  • TTL: 1 Hour or less
  • After saving this CNAME record, it may take a couple of hours to start pointing the domain name to