In your Website Control Panel, click on the three vertical dots menu in the upper right hand corner.


In the resulting drop down menu click on [Settings]. This selection takes you to Change Website Settings where you can make changes to both your template and website colors. In the Choose Your Website Colors area, click in the field under Primary Color and a color palette will appear. 


You can choose one of these standard colors and then repeat for the Secondary Color field. Once you’ve made your selections click [SAVE] in the lower right hand corner. Now go and view your website to be sure you’re pleased with your color selections. If you want to change the colors further simply repeat the steps above.

Your website allows you to choose from an unlimited number of color choices using Hex color codes. Note beneath the color palette there is a Hex field. Simply insert the desired Hex color code in this field and then [SAVE] your selections in the lower right hand corner. The following Color Picker site provides a simple tool where you can choose your Hex color codes.

Note the [RESET DEFAULT COLORS] button which will return the colors back to their original setting.